Components of the Lock + Load System




LOCK+LOAD is the largest hand-placed retaining wall product available. Priced competitively with modular block but with the flexibility of wire faced walls, this one of a kind modular cantilever unit provides structural capacity of similar wet cast panel and big block walls.

Standard Panel

  • The standard LOCK+LOAD panel face is 16” x 32” with a quarried stone finish.
  • Maximum panel thickness is abput 4” and approximate weight is 90 pounds.
  • Panels are made from 5500 psi concrete, air entrained, fiber reinforced, concrete and each panel is also reinforced with a corrosion resistant steel (galvanized or stainless steel) connecting hoop for attachment to the counterfort.

Half Sized Panel

  • Half width panel faces are 16"x16" with the same quarried stone appearance
  • Half width panels are available to facilitate radius’ and other geometric constraints
  • Half panels are made and reinforced in the same manner as the LOCK+LOAD full panels

Corner Panel

  • Both Left and Right corner panels are available to facilitate creation of strong attractive ninety degree “outside” corners in LOCK+LOAD walls.
  • The long side of each respective corner measures 27” & the short side 13” on the inside of the components.
  • Corner pieces weigh `150 Lb each and are made from the same material as the other components with extra steel reinforcement.


  • LOCK+LOAD walls do not structurally require a “capstone” as do many modular block walls
  • If for architectural reasons a capstone is available
  • The capstone has the same quarried stone finish as the panel face
  • The trim measures 32” x 12” x 4” and weighs approximately 100 lb


  • The LOCK+LOAD counterfort measures 27” long and 6“ wide at its base
  • The counterfort is 4.25” tall at the head and weighs approximately 40 lbs
  • The counterfort is made from 5500 psi, air entrained, fiber and steel reinforced concrete