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About Our Retaining Wall Product

  • Exceptional Appearance

    • Product for Constructing Retaining Walls
    • Corrects Deficiencies of Currently Used Modular Block Systems
    • Provides Confidence, Appearance and Value
    • New Modular Cantilever System
    • Over 75 Year Life Span Once Installed
  • Significant Advantages

    • Easy to Install
    • Weight of Block Does Not Rest on Blocks Below
    • Each Row is Independently Placed
    • Fencing can be Placed next to Wall
    • Compact Backfill Right up to Wall
    • Multiple Coloring Available
    • Lower Transportation Cost
  • Commercial or Residential

    • Strong, Beautiful and Durable
    • Advanced Design in Modular Block
    • Use on Large or Small Walls
    • Meets All Common Geometric Designs
    • Similar Cost to Current Modular Block Systems

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