Advantages to Using Lock + Load

Lower Transportation Cost

1. Cut Transportation Cost by 40%
2. Each pallet has 49 square feet of wall facing and weighs approximately 1,900 pounds
3. 22 pallets fit on a truck load, transporting 1,078 sq ft
4. 35-40% more sq ft per truck load than other modular block systems

Maximizes Usable Land Space

1.  Gain 1' of usable space behind wall on a 6' high wall
2.  Significant impact gain on lot lined walls in residential areas
3.  Gain additional parking spots or even additional lots in commercial projects
4. A more verticly constructed retaining wall product
5. A 1.5" lip at top of wall with no requirement for a capstone
6. Top lip intergrates smoothly with desired landscaping associated with retaining wall

Non-Stacking Blocks

1. Each panel is set independently from the panels around it
2. Panels are not impacted by adjacent, lower or upper panels
3. Weight of panel is supported by the counterfort
4. Counterfort rest on the compacted backill behind the wall
5. Weight of backfill above the counterfort anchors system in place
6. Very little force pushing out on back of wall
7. No stress vertically throughout wall, due to non-stacking panels

Compaction Up To the Back of the Wall

1. Unique self anchoring design
2. Allows uniform compaction throughout the MSE structure
3. Backfill behind wall is fully compacted up to back of wall
4. Significantly different from commonly used retaining wall materials
5. Creates more of a downward force to hold wall in place
6. Greatly reduces the force pushing outwards on the back of the wall
7. Uniform and minimal backfill consolidation
8. Ensures maximum soil to geo-grid and facing interaction
9. Superior Stability Advantage over other retaining wall systems

Fence Post Placed Directly Behind the Wall

1. Fence post are placed directly behind the retaining wall
2. Eliminates the walk-able ledge between fence and face of wall
3. No landscape maintenance between fence and the wall
4. Maximizes  land use

Multiple Colors Available

1. Multiple colors available
2. Create dynamic patterns in the wall
3. Integral coloring throughout the panel, no discolored marks from chipping